Watts Linkage

Nick, After years of talking about it, I finally added the Watts Link to my Contemporary. I should have done it years ago when I started talking about it. All of the shimmy in the rear end is gone. With the big FE there is a lot of torque and the car would run rough if I jumped on it hard. Now I jump and there is no sway, shimmy or rough running. It just goes. Good job Mate. Wasn't too difficult to install after we figured out what was different. Thanks for another great product. Dan

Years of GREAT Service

Years of GREAT Service

Nick & Bonni have been servicing our Superformance for years. They are very professional and always accommodating to our long distance relationship. Their love for Cobras in general is reflected in the care they give to our car. Thank you for all you have done in the past and my hope is to continue for many years to come. John C. Sherman

News Article

Hello Mr. Acton, My name is Jeff Ferland. I'm a reporter with the Salmon Press and I would like to interview you for a profile article on you and your unique company Acton Custom Enterprises. I attended your open house Sunday and was very impressed to say the least at the beautiful collection of machines in your yard. We would have spoke more then but you seemed a bit busy and I didn't want to take up too much of your time while you were hosting an event. I look forward to hearing from you.

ACTON Exhaust

ACTON is a First Class operation all the way. Nick is a wealth of knowledge and very accessible to assist you even as busy as he is. I recently bought a full 427 Cobra undercar exhaust system from ACTON and as complicated as it is, it fit like a glove. Oh, Yes, and Bonni is a sweetheart on the phone, very enjoyable to work with. Thank You Two!! George Lyons Erie, PA

Shift Light Bracket

The shift light bracket looks great!! Thanks for the great job.


Item Name Product Image Price

COBRA "Bumpah" Sticker

The "Bumpah" sticker says it all ... Have you hugged your COBRA today? Measures: 15" L x 3" W
COBRA "Bumpah" Sticker $12.95


Cobra vs Corvette light switch cover

This is a fun little switch cover to slip on your friends garage light switch while he's under the hood working on his broken Chevy. They just can't keep up!
Cobra vs Corvette light switch cover $15.00


Goodyear Decals

A sheet of three decals for your car. Goodyear, Castrol, Pure
Goodyear Decals $12.00

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Odometer Trip Reset Label

Reset instructions for your tripmeter sticks on the speedometer glass for 427 cars. Clear adhesive red font. Good for finishing details or replacement of an old one that's coming apart.
Odometer Trip Reset Label $6.50