Custom Competition Dash

Nick worked with me to custom build a modified competition dash with added custom glove box. Nick was a pleasure to work with. I have a real attention to detail and Nick was quick to respond to all questions and built the dash to exact specifications. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. The custom glove box is perfect going to look great in my 20th Ann Factory Five Roadster! Thanks Nick for a great job. Cheers

News Article

Hello Mr. Acton, My name is Jeff Ferland. I'm a reporter with the Salmon Press and I would like to interview you for a profile article on you and your unique company Acton Custom Enterprises. I attended your open house Sunday and was very impressed to say the least at the beautiful collection of machines in your yard. We would have spoke more then but you seemed a bit busy and I didn't want to take up too much of your time while you were hosting an event. I look forward to hearing from you.

Acton Custom Best Of The Best

I trailered my 1991 427FE Contemporary Cobra to NH to have Nick install a watts linkage of his own design. Nick and Bonni are amazing and very gracious people with a phenomenal knowledge of Cobra's. The install went great and while looking my car over Nick didn't miss a beat. Quite a few other issues were discovered and corrected by Nick while I was there. When we were finished, I tested out the car and it performed flawlessly. The wheel hop, shake and trounce that I had been experiencing were virtually eliminated during a few good hard launches and it felt like a different car. I'm quite particular with my cars and pleased to say that Nick possesses all the knowledge and experience that I look for when having my Cobra worked on. Thanks Nick and Bonni! Charlie Malo

Custom Throttle Stop

Custom Throttle Stop

Thanks Nick for the custom throttle stop. It turned out just like I wanted and works great! Cobra enthusiasts like me are lucky to have your passion and talent in support of our cars. Cliff, United States

Watts Linkage

Nick, After years of talking about it, I finally added the Watts Link to my Contemporary. I should have done it years ago when I started talking about it. All of the shimmy in the rear end is gone. With the big FE there is a lot of torque and the car would run rough if I jumped on it hard. Now I jump and there is no sway, shimmy or rough running. It just goes. Good job Mate. Wasn't too difficult to install after we figured out what was different. Thanks for another great product. Dan


Item Name Product Image Price

A.C. Cars Ltd - Brooklands

A.C. Cars Ltd. footbox tag
A.C. Cars Ltd - Brooklands $35.00


A.C. Cars Ltd - Thames Ditton

A.C. Cars Ltd. Thames Ditton, England - footbox tag Give your car an authentic look with this VIN plate for your AC Cobra. Pre-drilled in the corners for installation and ready to be stamped with your own chassis and engine numbers. Dimensions: 3.5" X 1.75"
A.C. Cars Ltd - Thames Ditton $35.00


AC Cars with AC Logo

This is the footbox tag as used by AC on the original cars riveted to the passengers footbox. Has clear protective sheet covering. We can stamp your number in if you require that (additional cost). Please scroll below. Printed aluminum. Sold as each.
AC Cars with AC Logo $35.00

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Autolite Air Cleaner Sticker

This is made to fit the 14" double hump street car air cleaner. Accurate copy of the original Autolite sticker. Sold as each.
Autolite Air Cleaner Sticker $24.00