News Article

Hello Mr. Acton, My name is Jeff Ferland. I'm a reporter with the Salmon Press and I would like to interview you for a profile article on you and...

Watts Linkage

Nick, After years of talking about it, I finally added the Watts Link to my Contemporary. I should have done it years ago when I started talking...

Years of GREAT Service

Years of GREAT Service

Nick & Bonni have been servicing our Superformance for years. They are very professional and always accommodating to our long distance relationship....

Cobra source - #1

Mr Acton, Your personal touch to the authentic Cobra parts and AC parts is fantastic. I am sure that without you my car would have been held up...

Acton Custom Best Of The Best

I trailered my 1991 427FE Contemporary Cobra to NH to have Nick install a watts linkage of his own design. Nick and Bonni are amazing and very...

Tops & Accessories

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Precision turned ferrules for soft top and side curtains made of chromed brass. These are made to exact original size and shape. There are 3 of these installed in the top of each door for side curtains and two more in the bodywork behind the doors for the soft top bows. Having these all fitted in the correct locations is a good sign of real cars. Fits 427 and 289. The OD of the heads is 3/4" and...
Ferrules $35.00


Hard Top Latches

427 / 289 Hard Top Latches The hard top latches are an unscrew item that of course gets lost over the years. These have two rivets that fit into the top of the windshield frame and tighten the roof down with a thumb screw. I replicated the original parts and have plated them giving a nice satin finish similar to OEM with a very period look. They also polish up easily if that is the look you want....
Hard Top Latches $150.00


Hooks top anchor windscreen posts

These are perfect recreations of the original hooks used to latch both soft and hard tops down to the windshield side posts. These fit all Cobra wind screens that have been drilled and tapped for them. Screws included. Made from chrome plated brass sold as a pair.
Hooks top anchor windscreen posts $48.00


Latches Soft Top

These are the over center latches that rivet to the split header bows with a hook catch that screws to the windscreen post. These are chrome finish and sold as a pair and come with screws. They are very similar to original and will work on original cars and most Cobra windscreens and soft tops.
Latches Soft Top $130.00

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