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I trailered my 1991 427FE Contemporary Cobra to NH to have Nick install a watts linkage of his own design. Nick and Bonni are amazing and very gracious people with a phenomenal knowledge of Cobra's. The install went great and while looking my car over Nick didn't miss a beat. Quite a few other issues were discovered and corrected by Nick while I was there. When we were finished, I tested out the car and it performed flawlessly. The wheel hop, shake and trounce that I had been experiencing were virtually eliminated during a few good hard launches and it felt like a different car. I'm quite particular with my cars and pleased to say that Nick possesses all the knowledge and experience that I look for when having my Cobra worked on. Thanks Nick and Bonni! Charlie Malo

Custom Steering Column

I have a Factory Five Mk1 Cobra. I asked Nick to make a steering shaft to fit both my Mk1 and the original style Cobra steering wheel boss and turn signal switch. I sent him basic measurements, and what I received back was a work of art! I cannot wait to install this!! Working with both Nick and Bonni was a pleasure. They are both willing to help with our cars any way they can, and they're just good people! Thank you Nick and Bonni.


Nick & Bonni, thanks so much for allowing me to tour your facilities recently! You clearly possess the proper experience and a complete knowledge of the history, the systems and components of the Shelby Cobra. I am especially impressed with your ability to produce many of this car's more complex components with such thorough attention to detail, quality and the needs of your customers. The Cobra projects underway at your site, both contemporary and classic restorations, are proof that you have earned the respect of some of the country's top Cobra experts and collectors. Congratulations and thanks again for the amazing tour!

News Article

Hello Mr. Acton, My name is Jeff Ferland. I'm a reporter with the Salmon Press and I would like to interview you for a profile article on you and your unique company Acton Custom Enterprises. I attended your open house Sunday and was very impressed to say the least at the beautiful collection of machines in your yard. We would have spoke more then but you seemed a bit busy and I didn't want to take up too much of your time while you were hosting an event. I look forward to hearing from you.

Shift Light Bracket

The shift light bracket looks great!! Thanks for the great job.

Cooling System

Item Name Product Image Price

Coolant Catch Tank

Whether you're running your car on the race track or just don't want it making a mess of your garage floor at home the coolant catch tank we have here fits nicely on the inner fender of most Cobra's real or replica. This one comes with an aluminum tank and a clear sight tube on the side to tell how full it is. It omes with a choice of hardware and can be fitted with either a drain plug in the...
Coolant Catch Tank $195.00


Coolant Y tube Harrison

This is the aluminum Y tube connecting the heater, water pump and expansion tank on the Harrison equipped cars. It is made to original specs. Priced as each.
Coolant Y tube Harrison $175.00


Coolant Y tube McCord

This is the aluminum Y tube connecting the heater, water pump and expansion tank on the McCord equipped cars. It is made to original specs. Priced as each.
Coolant Y tube McCord $175.00


Expansion Surge Tank Big Block

So you've invested a bunch of money into your big block. The originals used a modified Galaxie expansion tank for the all important cooling job. This puts the fill at the highest point for more effective filling, burping and bleeding of your coolant system. Don't deal with the risk of paper thin Swiss cheese brass on an old contaminated expansion tank. Built with a new heavy gauge brass tank...
Expansion Surge Tank Big Block $595.00