Expansion Tank

Expansion Tank

Anytime you receive a package from Acton Custom Enterprises is a good day! Best products and Best people to deal with! So far I've bought several products from Nick and Bonni. I've always gotten first-rate service and products. Also, Nick is a Godsend if you ever need advice building or improving your Cobra I can't even count the times he has helped me out on my Cobra. Thank you, Nick Acton and Bonni! You're the BEST!

Custom Throttle Stop

Custom Throttle Stop

Thanks Nick for the custom throttle stop. It turned out just like I wanted and works great! Cobra enthusiasts like me are lucky to have your passion and talent in support of our cars. Cliff, United States

Shift Light Bracket

The shift light bracket looks great!! Thanks for the great job.

Acton Custom Best Of The Best

I trailered my 1991 427FE Contemporary Cobra to NH to have Nick install a watts linkage of his own design. Nick and Bonni are amazing and very gracious people with a phenomenal knowledge of Cobra's. The install went great and while looking my car over Nick didn't miss a beat. Quite a few other issues were discovered and corrected by Nick while I was there. When we were finished, I tested out the car and it performed flawlessly. The wheel hop, shake and trounce that I had been experiencing were virtually eliminated during a few good hard launches and it felt like a different car. I'm quite particular with my cars and pleased to say that Nick possesses all the knowledge and experience that I look for when having my Cobra worked on. Thanks Nick and Bonni! Charlie Malo

Soft top parts

I am new to the Cobra world with my recent purchase of an Autokraft AC MK IV. I want to thank-you for your kind help and awesome service with such minor purchases. Although the purchases were minor $ wise they were major in my ability to have an operational soft top just in case! I will look to you first for any of my future needs/enhancements. Thank-you again Nick,

Suspension & Steering

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Acton Custom makes all the suspension for coil over and leaf sprung suspension in traditional geometry and bushing materials or with modern adjustable heim jointed geometry and Energy Suspension urethane bushings.

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Directional Switch

Directional turn signal indicator switch per original cars. Slips over the bush on the top of the steering tube and is locked in place by a Phillips screw. Handle operates left and right directional. Has a cancelling mechanism driven by the steering shaft. It also has a finger tip button on the back of the outside. Button was used on original cars for high/low beam switch or horn. It is a die...
Directional Switch $165.00

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Drive Pins

Hardened 1/2" Drive Pins 3/8" Threads with Hex Head. Available in Standard or Extra Long Thread. Sold in sets of 24, if you need less than that please let us know.
Drive Pins $295.00

Units:  24

Front Lower Control Arms Adjustable

We are now pleased to offer fully adjustable front lower control arms. These were referred to as competition or Ken Miles control arms. Whether you have a road or race car the adjustability of these control arms allows you to set camber and caster which is very beneficial on original 427 and 289 cars, especially if they have been tweaked over the years. Hand TIG welded on our 427/289 fixture in...
Front Lower Control Arms Adjustable $1,550.00


Front Lower Control Arms Bronze Bushed 427

Heavy wall seamless DOM tube with cast steel ball joint end, fixtured and hand TIG welded. Built as left or right with a sway bar bracket. Finished in Satin Black (Powdercoat Available): Built to original Comp spec with bronze bushing and reinforcing. Sold individually.
Front Lower Control Arms Bronze Bushed 427 $590.00