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I trailered my 1991 427FE Contemporary Cobra to NH to have Nick install a watts linkage of his own design. Nick and Bonni are amazing and very gracious people with a phenomenal knowledge of Cobra's. The install went great and while looking my car over Nick didn't miss a beat. Quite a few other issues were discovered and corrected by Nick while I was there. When we were finished, I tested out the car and it performed flawlessly. The wheel hop, shake and trounce that I had been experiencing were virtually eliminated during a few good hard launches and it felt like a different car. I'm quite particular with my cars and pleased to say that Nick possesses all the knowledge and experience that I look for when having my Cobra worked on. Thanks Nick and Bonni! Charlie Malo

News Article

Hello Mr. Acton, My name is Jeff Ferland. I'm a reporter with the Salmon Press and I would like to interview you for a profile article on you and your unique company Acton Custom Enterprises. I attended your open house Sunday and was very impressed to say the least at the beautiful collection of machines in your yard. We would have spoke more then but you seemed a bit busy and I didn't want to take up too much of your time while you were hosting an event. I look forward to hearing from you.

Aero Screen

A pleasure to deal with. Bought my aeros screen after a few questions / emails which were answered expertly and fast. Screen was posted to the UK and it arrived perfectly, well packed and on time. Great bit of kit, well made and with all parts required

ACTON Exhaust

ACTON is a First Class operation all the way. Nick is a wealth of knowledge and very accessible to assist you even as busy as he is. I recently bought a full 427 Cobra undercar exhaust system from ACTON and as complicated as it is, it fit like a glove. Oh, Yes, and Bonni is a sweetheart on the phone, very enjoyable to work with. Thank You Two!! George Lyons Erie, PA

Soft top parts

I am new to the Cobra world with my recent purchase of an Autokraft AC MK IV. I want to thank-you for your kind help and awesome service with such minor purchases. Although the purchases were minor $ wise they were major in my ability to have an operational soft top just in case! I will look to you first for any of my future needs/enhancements. Thank-you again Nick,

About Us

Nick has been interested in all things mechanical since he was a kid growing up in New Zealand. He was tinkering with lawnmowers to keep them running for his customers long before he could drive. When he was driving age, the goal was to have a British sports car. That was until he discovered American power which led to the ultimate object of desire, a combination of both the small English car and large American power plant. Several cars into his driving career he had a 4 cylinder English Ford Cortina Mk III and put a 302W V8 into it. That was a good way to get to and from school while he earned degrees in Mechanical and Production Engineering as well as Education. He has been souping-up, re-powering, modifying, racing and building cars since. Another English Ford, the Mk I Capri, really got him trying club racing on about any surface and inclination he could run on. You can see how the Anglo/American thing led him to the fastest car on wheels -- the Shelby Cobra. A stint with Camp Counselors USA led him to Holderness, New Hampshire, which is his favorite car culture place to live. Holderness is where he met his wife Bonni, 18 years ago.

Bonni graduated from Granite State College with a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science and worked for the state for many years in Corrections. Bonni has been a school board member since 2009. She has transferred her organizational skills full time to their family business. Bonni handles the office administrative work as well as runs some of the machines in the shop. Their two children occasionally help out in the shop also. Carly is the trunk monkey with agility and dexterity in the tight spots. Vance is the up and coming muscle and MIG welder trainee.

We are a small dedicated specialty shop that prides itself on old world craftsmanship and exacting attention to detail. What started as a hobby and a life-long passion has progressed to a full time business dedicated to the Cobra and Custom industry. Nick's 32 years of experience, his engineering background combined with a hands on and common sense approach is applied to every part made. We have supplied parts to some of the world renowned Cobra restoration experts. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to do what we love every day and to have a loyal and enthusiastic customer base that shares our passion.

Read the recent article about Acton Custom in the Record Enterprise (scroll to page 2) http://www.newhampshirelakesandmountains.com/pdf/PLY.2011.07.21.pdf