Shift Light Bracket

The shift light bracket looks great!! Thanks for the great job.


Nick & Bonni, thanks so much for allowing me to tour your facilities recently! You clearly possess the proper experience and a complete knowledge of...

Acton Custom Best Of The Best

I trailered my 1991 427FE Contemporary Cobra to NH to have Nick install a watts linkage of his own design. Nick and Bonni are amazing and very...

News Article

Hello Mr. Acton, My name is Jeff Ferland. I'm a reporter with the Salmon Press and I would like to interview you for a profile article on you and...

Years of GREAT Service

Years of GREAT Service

Nick & Bonni have been servicing our Superformance for years. They are very professional and always accommodating to our long distance relationship....

Suspension & Steering

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Acton Custom makes all the suspension for coil over and leaf sprung suspension in traditional geometry and bushing materials or with modern adjustable heim jointed geometry and Energy Suspension urethane bushings.

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Directional Switch

Directional turn signal indicator switch per original cars. Slips over the bush on the top of the steering tube and is locked in place by a Phillips screw. Handle operates left and right directional. Has a cancelling mechanism driven by the steering shaft. It also has a finger tip button on the back of the outside. Button was used on original cars for high/low beam switch or horn. It is a die...
Directional Switch $120.00


Drive Pins

Hardened 1/2" Drive Pins 3/8" Threads with Hex Head. Available in Standard or Extra Long Thread. Sold in sets of 24, if you need less than that please let us know.
Drive Pins $295.00

Units:  24

Front Lower Ball Joint Modern

This is a modern spherical bearing, cup washer and pin for your front lower ball joints. This bearing will replace and should outlast your original ball joints for 427 and 289 cars. Sold as each.
Front Lower Ball Joint Modern $180.00


Front Lower Control Arms Adjustable

We are now pleased to offer fully adjustable front lower control arms. These were referred to as competition or Ken Miles control arms. Whether you have a road or race car the adjustability of these control arms allows you to set camber and caster which is very beneficial on original 427 and 289 cars, especially if they have been tweaked over the years. Hand TIG welded on our 427/289 fixture in...
Front Lower Control Arms Adjustable $1,550.00