Watts Linkage

Nick, After years of talking about it, I finally added the Watts Link to my Contemporary. I should have done it years ago when I started talking...

Acton Custom Best Of The Best

I trailered my 1991 427FE Contemporary Cobra to NH to have Nick install a watts linkage of his own design. Nick and Bonni are amazing and very...

Years of GREAT Service

Years of GREAT Service

Nick & Bonni have been servicing our Superformance for years. They are very professional and always accommodating to our long distance relationship....

Cobra source - #1

Mr Acton, Your personal touch to the authentic Cobra parts and AC parts is fantastic. I am sure that without you my car would have been held up...

Aero Screen

A pleasure to deal with. Bought my aeros screen after a few questions / emails which were answered expertly and fast. Screen was posted to the UK and...

Cockpit & Interior

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Acton Custom fabricates many of the period-correct interior parts for your CSX Cobra or Replica. Our fit and finish are per original with no deviation. We can modify these parts to fit your car if you don't see your make listed under the 'fit' section.

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Directional Switch

Directional turn signal indicator switch per original cars. Slips over the bush on the top of the steering tube and is locked in place by a Phillips screw. Handle operates left and right directional. Has a cancelling mechanism driven by the steering shaft. It also has a finger tip button on the back of the outside. Button was used on original cars for high/low beam switch or horn. It is a die...
Directional Switch $120.00


Door Hinge Covers

Black fiberglass covers with a textured surface for your door hinges. If you have tubular or plate door hinges with a "J" shape these covers make it a lot more comfortable to rest your knee against while driving. These simply slip over your door hinge assembly on CSX cars. They have also been easily retrofitted to some other cars with similar hinge styles. Inside dimensions are 5-1/4" high,...
Door Hinge Covers $125.00


Door Hinge Limit Strap

These are the door hinge limit straps as used on original style hinges behind the hinge covers. They stop the doors from swinging forward into the front fenders when fully opened. The strap gets its strength from webbing sewn inside. It is vinyl wrapped and sewn on 3 sides to original specs. Comes with a sheet metal screw and washer for each end. Sold as a pair.
Door Hinge Limit Strap $40.00


FIA Suitcase Bump

This is the FIA bump to fit the regulation suitcase (wooden box) in the trunk to make the 427 cars eligible for FIA racing. Your rear bulkhead can be cut out to fit it through from the back as they were or you could just rivet it onto the front. Leave it in bare aluminum for comp cars or cover it in Naugahyde per SC's. Supplied in bare aluminum finish, can be covered per your specs for additional...
FIA Suitcase Bump $137.50

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